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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more "today" on this thursday morning, july 5, 2012. still hanging out with us all morning long here on the plaza. this may be the best day if it gets too hot. coming up if you forget names right after you meet someone, i do that. too much time searching for your cell phones or your keys? i do that. sometimes it's called mommy brain. does your wife have this? >> absolutely. >> i think you feel like you're losing your minds. is it true? is there such a thing as mommy brain? we do have an exercise for your
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brain this morning that will help you with your memory. >> before you toss out the stack of cd you have, ratty old clothes, we're going to show you how to reuse it to save cash and be kinder to the environment while you do it. and we have new details on the katie holmes/tom cruise split. what role, if any, did scientology play and who will get custody of suri? >> plus, nouit's not just what eat but it can be how and when you eat that might be stalling your weight loss. first let's get a check on the news. let's go to tamron hall. >> good morning, everyone. an early morning anti-terror raid today near london's olympic park with british police using smoke grenades and stun guns. six people were arrested there.
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they say the raid was not linked to the olympics. and armed guards searched a bus after reports of a man on the bus exacting suspicious. they say that was not terror related. >> and temperatures above 100 expected from nebraska to virginia. the efforts to beat the heat and celebrate the 4th of july had tragic results wednesday, at least three children died after being electrocuted while swimming in lakes in missouri and tennessee. three others died when their yacht with 27 people on board capsized in new york's long island sound. and three more drown in a river in iowa. meantime power is still out for a sixth day for hundreds of thousands of homes affected by last week's storms in the east. and republicans presidential hopeful mitt romney is causing a stir after contradicting his own campaign's position on the health care individual mandate. he is now calling it a tax, just days after his top adviser called it a penalty. meantime today president obama
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is back on the campaign trail kicking off a two-day bus tour of ohio and pennsylvania. officials say at least 45 large wildfires are burning nationwide with most of them burning in nine western states. firefighters in colorado springs are making progress thanks to light rain on wednesday. that fire has killed at least two people. they hope to fully contain it by sunday. big fires are also burning in utah, wyoming and montana. >> internet service providers and fbi are warning computer users to check for malware. some may have been infected that could shut down computers next monday. >> winner and still champion joey chestnut ate his way to his sixth straight title in the new york hot dog eating contest on
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cone y island. he ate 68 hot dogs. sonya thomas won with 45 hot dogs. she's known as the black widow of the competition. >> this is the first ever panda awareness week. take a look, 100 people dressed up as giant pandas marched and participated in tai chi. there are 1,600 living in the wild and others in captivity. >> check out this video just posted to youtube. this competitor in the 110 meet are hurdles event just could not be bothered to jump. look at him! you have to admire his spirit, after all. if there's an obstacle in your path, what else are you supposed to do? plow right through it.
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i can't get enough of this video. that's spectacular. it is now four minutes past the hour. stephanie, that's my kind of guy. that was hilarious. can't beat it, go through it. >> i actually have a couple here. they've been feeling like newlyweds for 50 years. what has made it tick for this long? >> well, we're honest with each other, we have open communication. we communicate and let each other know what we want or what we think. >> a little marriage counseling. we appreciate it. they're from brownsville so this heat is nothing for them. you're like 90 degrees, 100 degrees whatev. we could see record in places like st. louis, 106 degrees. >> good morning.a cooling off.
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the heat wave will continue today. high temperature this afternoon expected in the upper 90's. >> natalie, back to you. >> this portion of "today" is brought to you by mcdonald's. >> stephanie, thanks. this morning on "today's woman," forgetfulness. whether it's mommy's brain or constantly for getting your car keys, we're all guilty of it. doctor, good to see you.
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>> great to see you. >> you're going to start me off with a brain teaser. >> this is something we do in the office. i'm going to tell you three words. i want toup you -- you to pay attention. camera, universe, hockey stick. >> a lot of us have complained about memory loss during pregnancy. i think i still suffer from it being not pregnant. is it a real thing? >> the so-called mommy brain. if you ask a bunch of women, they'll tell you it is real. the scientific research doesn't really support that. when you give pregnant women memory tests most of them do well. however, it is a time of surging hormones so that can absolutely affect mood and even memory but i think the bigger reason is that when you're pregnant and certainly once you have small children, you are multi-tasking, you're not sleeping well, you you are very stressed and all of those things can affect your
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memory. so absolutely moms and pregnant women report having more trouble with memory. is there truly a physiologic change going on, probably not. which is good news. >> you say there are four factors that contribute to memory loss. the first thing is being stressed. >> when you're under chronic stress, you're exposed to a hormone called cortisol. with chronic exposure, it can cause changes in your brain, it can cause heart disease, obesity. if you are under stress, which many women are, juggling kids, taking care of parents, careers. how do you manage stress? it's easier said than done. one tried and true method is meditation. it's been proven in clinical studies to reduce stress. whether it's 20 or 30 minutes a day, deep breathing exercises. don't ignore the stress.
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>> also you say estrogen in flux can change your memory as well. >> estrogen has many protective effects for women. one of the things it protects is our brain and memory function. women who go through menopause when there is fallen estrogen can experience fairly significant memory issues. usually this is temporary because once you adjust to the new hormone levels, the memory improves. talk to your doctor about possible short-term hormone replacement that could make a difference. >> another thing is weight gain. it can typically trigger memory loss as well. what's the relation there? >> obesity can cause a host of medical issues. now we're finding it can worsen your brain function. one study showed the higher your bmi is, the lower you would score on memory tests. one more reason to make sure you're at a healthy weight, get your weight under control. >> sleep troubles. as you mentioned, lack of sleep, which we all experience. maybe that's the reason for my
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memory loss at times. >> probably. this is a big one. absolutely sleep deprivation can affect your memory. you'll find when you have not had a good night's sleep, you're forgetting things and not able to function mentally. getting to those six to eight hours at least is important. >> also you say can you exercise your brain to better your memory. >> just like we want to exercise the muscles of our body, we need to exercise our brain to ward off dementia. dancing is great. you're having to coordinate your muscles in ways you're not used to. exercise in general is great, doing something you're not usually doing, if you're right handed, use your left hand to comb your hair. books, reading books.
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doing a book club for example where you're reading but you're also discussing it with your friends. all of these things can exercise your brain. >> also doing cross word puzzles and brain teasers let's see if i remember this. >> what are those three words? >> it's camera, universe, hockey stick. >> did you it. did that's only because i knew i was being quizzed. thanks so much. still to come, was it a sudden decision or a long time in the planning? the latest on katie holmes' decision to divorce tom cruise. [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste of mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites. ♪ poppable pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned with just the right amount of spice,
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this morning on "today's home," how to reuse and recycle your old household items. thinking about tossing out the old yoga matt or cds you haven't used in decades? britt has figured out ways to turn them into things you can use again. >> we have over a dozen ideas on ways to repurpose yoga mats. >> obviously we talk about cleaning it. >> put it in the washing machines to get rid of the germs and stink. most of them are made by pvc, which is not recycleable. instead of putting it in the land fill, you can repurpose it. you can cut it and use it as a
9:16 am
dish matt. >> you cut it and it's done? >> exactly. >> next? >> we've all had jars we can't open before. cut a little circle out of your yoga mat and you have a kung fu grip. get those jars open. next we have an ipad case. this is so simple. >> it looks designer. >> i know. you could see this in the apple store. just takes stitches all the way around. i hand stitched this. really easy. you can actually wear yoga mats, too. you'll see these in all the spas next year. these are flip-flops. you stitch them here and on the sides. if you run out of hair ties, you can use them in your hair. >> and a clip board. >> no need for a cork board. just pin up your to do list and photo on to your yoga mat.
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>> and coffee fillers? >> that's right. you might have a hundred lying around your house. first tea bags. coffee filters on the just for coffee, they're for tea as well. can you sew them into little shapes. they make great gifts. if you have don't have a tea infuser, you use it for that. next, gift stuffing. if you run out of tissue paper. use it for that. >> party bowls. this is perfect for family night, movie night, popcorn, snacks. you can let your kids draw on them. easy to toss out. this next one is potpourri sachets. spring lavender into your coffee filter. you can tie it up with twine and toss it in your laundry. >> smells great.
9:18 am
all these cd cases -- >> there are all kinds of ways to repurpose cds and dvds. this first one is a make-up palleth. >> and did you just blue themgl on? >> we glued them on. you can customize them with photos. it's flat, packs very well when you're traveling. the next is a clock. can you buy a simple clock kit for less than $10. this is the first concert my husband and i went to, the kenny chesney concert. it's a night sentimental thing we have here. >> and you have jewelry. this looks like flava flav might
9:19 am
wear this. >> last idea? >> food storage containers. you can put in some blue and make it fancy. >> i love these ideas and i love you're rocking flava flav. coming up, everybody is talking about the new details in the tom cruise/katie holmes split. the late east right after this.
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there are new details on katie holmes' decision to file for divorce from tom cruise and just how long that's been in the works. craig melvin has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is katie's new building here in chelsea behind me. one thing for sure, katie holmes is not going into hiding. she's been seen eating ice cream with her daughter, shop tping a the grocery store behind me, enjoying the neighborhood that is chelsea. all of this as we learn how she orchestrated the sudden split with tom cruise and who helped her. katie and suri, strolling, smiling and celebrating independence day in their new chelsea neighborhood. they spent some of wednesday shopping at whole foods, at one point stopping for a picture in the meat section. as the 33-year-old adjusts to her new life, new details are emerging about how her life with tom cruise suddenly ended. >> she was telling tom i love you but meanwhile she was doing
9:23 am
things secretly. >> reporter: according to sources, she had been plotting the split for a while. she reportedly told cruz she was going to a new place where there was a garage so she could seek privacy. >> she was actually moving out and starting her new life. >> reporter: according to south korea her side kicks in her secret plots to split, her parents, especially her father is a high powered lawyer. >> the father came in, fired her security detail, switched out cell phones. they pretty much cleaned house. >> reporter: tom cruise was believed to be in los angeles for his 50th birthday and has been in contact with suri, reportedly talking to his
9:24 am
6-year-old daughter on the phone several times a day. the biggest questions looming, who will get custody of suri and will tom cruise's scientology faith become an issue. according to sources, there's a pre-nup. that may protect his fortune to a certain extent but may not help him win custody or limit his child support payments. >> he's probably looking at a very significant number if he's not awarded custody because the courts are going to try to provide the child with the same standard of living she would have enjoyed if the marriage had remained in tact. and these people live a tremendous lifestyle. >> reporter: so far no word from tom cruise's camp on all of this. that's the very latest from here in chelsea. back to you. >> you look at that little girl and hope they do what's right for her. >> still ahead on "today", the best products for a flawless
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> sun is out, it is casey and warm. well into the 90s. some places will had bought hundred. hot, humid day. upper 90s to close to 100. highest ch
9:29 am
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♪ ♪ we are throwing a dance party on the plaza tomorrow. the special guest star is flo rida, a hit star who knows how to get you moving. start your weekend off right with flo rida here tomorrow on "today." we cannot wait. willie is getting his moves ready. coming up we're talking about kitchen chic, from color coordinated counter accessory to stylish dishes. bobbie thomas is here on what you need to have to have the
9:31 am
trendiest kitchen in your neighborhood. >> and we talk about this all the time, at the cosmetics counter. we're hear with award winning picks for keeping your face looking fresh and youthful. >> also ahead, it's sometimes not what you eat but how and when you eat it. we'll show you how making little changes in the way you eat can help you take off and keep off unwanted pounds. >> first let's get another check in the weather. stephanie abrams is here. >> uncooked hot dogs. >> don't remind me. >> let's just get to the weather. let's have a look at our forecast through the day today and we are going to see that threat for heat yet again but i have a little secret for you guys. it going to cool off in the midwest and the northeast. today still record highs and thunderstorms. >> good morning.
9:32 am
it will be another scorcher. hazy sunshine with a slight chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon. >> one of those spots will be chicago. we've been above 100. we're going to be in the upper 80s. >> a little relief. up next, hot looks for your kitchen. but first, these messages. nser, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill™ technology, the new ge french door refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh. so to prove it, we're taking one from the factory in kentucky and delivering it full of fresh food to a place fresh can't be found.
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this morning on "bobbi's style buzz," what's stylish in the kitchen. >> i was looking for style in the kitchen. >> there are some things here that are really practical. let's talk first about the countertop companions. i love this idea. >> this is not stylish, it's just smart. if you want to make a grilled cheese in the toaster, you can
9:37 am
pick up a toastabags, the bags are reusable. an ingenius idea. >> college students everywhere will love this. >> my mom. >> this is probably my favorite thing on the table. this is called the cherry chomper. you put a cherry inside like i have right now and you push down. it pits the cherry, it poops it out, the pit, underneath. it just has this perfect little hole. >> and this is a baggy rack. if you want to use zip lock bags to pour sources, it gives you an extra set of hands. an this is the scrap flap. you can move scraps away. >> and you've done a lot of great things here to add flair.
9:38 am
>> the kitchen is often the woman's domain. i do like the measuring spoons that look like engagement ring holders. these are spoons that are fantastic. they're only $9.99. >> i really love these pop art designs. these are so fun. they have little iconic faces. if you're going to store them on the counter, it's going to look a little more chic. >> and you found some great ser serveware. >> this is great for the summer. >> and they're plastic. >> this is a whisk that's collapsable and colorful. in the drawer it saves space. >> great idea. >> this apron has measurements
9:39 am
upside down so when you're cooking, you can just look down. >> you put this on and you can it while wearing it. everything's backwards. >> it tells you how long to cook the turkey for and all of these things. >> what are these? >> these are trongs. if you are cooking in the krichen and you want to deal with raw chicken, can you quickly move these around. >> i hate touching raw chicken. that's a really good idea. >> and these are taco holders? >> why did it take somebody so long to come up with this. these are taco plates. they hold three tacos. pretty easy. when you think about a pineapples, it looks hard to do. >> it is hard to do. >> $9.99 at bed, bath & beyond. you push it down and twice and
9:40 am
pull it out. >> requires some muscle. >> some muscle but honestly i'm a wimp and i'm completely amazed. so you pull it out and then it comes out like this. >> so you don't poke yourself on those things. >> well, bobbie thomas, great little gadgets. >> and everything is online at we should throw in our cameraman's idea, that he invented the sock mop, he uses his sock in the kitchen to clean and his wife loves it. >> coming up the top products for a beautiful complexion. day, there seems to be a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work... errands... ♪ ...a greasy bag of deep-fried easy. ♪ but you have hamburger helper on your side. with 40 varieties that are all fast and easy to make,
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♪ ♪ >> this morning on "today's beauty," the best fact products. "prevention" magazine reviewed items for his beauty awards. they're ready to unveil the winners for the best complexion category. jennifer, good to see you. what does celebrate your beauty mean? is it obvious? >> other magazines do things that want to fix flaws or hide things about your face. we want to find products that give you the healthiest skin you can have so your real beauty shows through. 1,700 products were reviewed, we had 300 readers test the products under the supervision
9:45 am
of a doctor. >> let get to your list. >> sure. this is the best cleanser or cleansing system. it's the clarasonic mia2. >> can you use your regular products with it? >> it comes with a cleanser. j . >> awesome. gets that skin nice and clean. >> this is philosophy miracle workeri-aging fluid. one of the reasons we liked it is it has spf-5. readers complain some of the sunscreens are heavy and feel goopy on the skin. it also has peptides which
9:46 am
boosts collagen in your skin. >> that's good stuff. moving on. this is our best night serum or cream. >> what's a night serum? >> if you have dry skin, you put a moisturizer on. if you want a booster you use a serum. it's only $22. it won out against a lot of products that cost more than $100. it has ret inol which will smooth your skin and help up have fewer wrinkles. >> this is the first time we tested fact hair removers. we get questions all the time from our readers, how do you deal with fact hair. >> i'm covering my mustache now. >> we're bringing it out of the closet. so this is gentle for your face? >> yes. it has the accident -- it has
9:47 am
this for fine rare. and one for medium. >> this i see everywhere. >> this is the roc retinol treatment. this takes care of all the problems. you can put on the cream and serum. we had readers who had 20% fewer wrinkles after using this for six weeks. >> i love the price point. >> this is $27. you can add it in to your regular skin care. >> and the last one here? >> this is our eye cream winner. we had a tester who had crow's feet. she measured after using this for a month 32% fewer crow's feet. so that's really good. the cream has jojoba to moisturize. and the best thing is at the top
9:48 am
there's a little concealer you can use, it has spf 15. it comes in three shades. >> that's $78. these days eye creams are $400, $500. >> thank you very much. jennifer, good list. [ barks ]
9:49 am
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this morning on "eat smart today," lose weight by changing your eating environment. if you have trouble controlling your portions and avoiding mindless eating, we have advice on how to pace yourself when it comes to food. madeline fernstrom is today's diet and nutrition editor. first, what is your eating environment? >> people are saying it's hard to lose weight. we say, sure, eat less. how do we sustain that? it's a mindset, it's behavioral.
9:51 am
you have to figure out how do i have a supportive environment to keep my on track? we have a lot of good tips. the first big one is portion control. >> it's the same amount of food, different plate. >> at the same time amount of foods, different plate. if you swap out a giant plate and go to something that is a salad plate size, at the same time amount of food, looks a lot better so you already are fighting that view of deprivation that it's not going to be enough stuff. same calories, same food. it's a really good strategy to do. >> it slows you down a little as you eat. >> the main thing is it's going to help you think the portion is big enough. we look at something and go this looks kind of puny for most people because there's so much space on the plate. >> let's move here. >> smaller portions, downsize your silverware. downsize.
9:52 am
just go to today already size, not just smaller sizes. >> it's not just food. it's also drinks that can change the environment. >> whether it's a beverage or glass of wine. a tall, skinny glass is going to look like a lot more and it's up to the top. it goes against that feeling that i'm not going to have enough but can you have the whole thing. one of the best tips people are always thanking me for is the one with the wine. same amount of wine. it's the same serving. >> can you ask for one of those in a restaurant. >> exactly. don't be shy about asking for that. >> buffets, you tend to go in with a shovel and eat with that. >> these giant serving spoons make it a big portion. if you start with a tablespoon you'll be able to taste and satisfy yourself. >> mindless eating. you're sitting, doing something
9:53 am
else while you eat and the next thing is your food is gone. >> if you have see, it you're eat it. you want a bowl of fruit on the table. your snack that are higher in calorie, make them 100 calories. keep them in the cabinet. keep the smart things out and keep the others away for a treat. even if you're eating yourself, set up a table so you're not doing anything else. don't watch television, don't read. you only want to talk to someone else. make sure you set this because your mindset is i'm going to eat now. >> you're telling me don't set up shop in front of the ball game with a bag of potato chips. >> and snap, it's gone. >> what are we doing here? >> a lot of people say i eat way too fast. can you use chopsticks to slow
9:54 am
yourself down -- >> even if it's not chinese food? >> yes. or you can use your nondominant hand. if you're right-handed, use your left hand to eat. >> i don't know if can i do that. >> just take a sip of water between. you want to chew and swallow and take a sip of water so you are pacing yourself and eating a lot slower. it's not even so much the amount of food. it's always going to be how fast you're going. and then if you eat fast, you're going to want more. >> i love the chopsticks idea. >> you can use it for anything. >> we learned a lot. setting the table, that's a smart thing. >> thank you. that's good advice. >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda. but first your local news and weather. have a great day, erveryone. >> bye-bye.
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